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They are mainly focusing on upgrading the 5G network and automotive electronics to create new and improved self-driving technologies. The multi-billion dollar technology investment is part of Samsung's even larger $160 billion plan to expand the company's capital, which is expected to bring roughly 40,000 jobs to the company. A new Atari game challenges you to shoot photos of the stars Who said vintage video games are out of style? Atari made its debut in 1977, but one doctorate student decided that the classic game is far from done making an impact in the lives of gamers. Astrophotographer Alex Pietrow created a video game called Astronomer for the Atari 2600 , using 8-bit astrophotography to create the game's graphics. The object of the game is to observe and take photos of stars with a telescope. If the player fails to get clear pictures of the stars within the designated short time frame they have to start over, similar to what true astrophotographers go through in the field. The game is available for free online at Javatari and the cartridge is also available for $18 through Packrat Video Games. Venmo is a popular choice of payment between friends, colleagues and even some small businesses, but now the mobile app has made its way to clothing retail giant Abercrombie & Fitch. Shoppers can use the PayPal owned application to make purchases on the Abercrombie & Fitch and Hollister mobile apps.

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The wind seems to have pushed their vehicle into the water, meaning they need to find an alternative method of transportation. John’s raft can fit two people, so he offers Strand a spot with him. Strand declines, saying he has plenty of supplies and that he’ll go his own way. He complains about giving up his mansion with wine to help John with his mission to find Charlie, adding that he’s done being foolish. John says he’s using his head to get out of a situation and Strand could do the same.

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